Alan comes home after more than 50 years

When Allan Jordan moved into Kensington Gardens Albury Estate two years ago he had a distinct feeling of déjà vu. After more than 50 years of being away from Albury he felt that he’d finally come home.

Allan was born and raised in Albury but moved to Melbourne in 1960 to start Postal Clerk school with the Australian Post Office. His career with the post office actually started earlier than 1960 as he began delivering telegrams after school and on Saturdays from the age of 9. Allan was encouraged by his father, who was in the building game, to stay with the post office as it would be a secure job for life. He did and it was!

After a long and successful career having had many roles as a Postmaster and later Postal Inspector, Allan ended his long career with them in 1977.

He moved interstate again, this time to Adelaide, to start his own business.

When he retired he moved to Sydney where he lived with his wife until she passed away in 2010.

He chose finally to come “back home” to Albury and was soon attracted to the peaceful and relaxed life of Kensington Gardens Estate Albury.

Allan spends his time now fairly equally divided between international travel and playing golf with the Thurgoona Murray Greys Golf Club team, next door to his new home.

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