“As soon as we drove in we knew…this was it!”

Murray had retired and the world was their oyster.

The Bull’s Cruiser sliding out from Metung onto the Gippsland Lakes was idyllic, but it was too far from Melbourne and their family and friends. The Mornington Peninsula was beautiful and much closer to Melbourne but too expensive, as was sadly the Bellarine Peninsula.

Continuing past Geelong however, they found Port Arlington and an amazing house with a million dollar view but it needed a lot of work. Following their hearts they bought the house and then wondered whether to refurbish and rent it out until the financials balanced or hope that Patti’s employer Medicare could pull a rabbit out of the hat!

Six weeks later Patti was offered a permanent part time position with Medicare in Geelong and they packed up the house and left within a month.

After 12 years at Port Arlington in the house with the million-dollar view Patti finally retired and it was time to follow those dreams again. Climbing into their motor home after selling up at Port Arlington they were on the road again looking for the dream retirement location.

They criss-crossed Victoria and NSW until they saw an advertisement for Kensington Gardens in Shepparton. “As soon as we drove in we knew…this was it!”

It was just over 3 years ago that Patti, Murray and his much loved motorbike finally moved in to Kensington Gardens Shepparton Estate. Patti used to say as a child, much to her mother’s disgust “ “never say never mum!!”

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