“If you build it they will come!”

That line worked for Kevin Costner’s character Ray Kinsella, the Iowa farmer, in the movie Field of Dreams, so Kensington Gardens Albury residents Denis Telford and Peter Hartwigg decided to build a community fire pit behind the residents Clubhouse and see what happened next.

Well, unlike the movie when legendary great US baseball player “Shoeless Joe Jackson” and other ghosts of great players started emerging from the crops to play ball; Denis and Peter were more than happy when two more resident helpers came to lend a hand.

A quick trip to the Kensington Gardens Shepparton Estate followed where the team measured up a “rival fire pit” and the boys were up and running!

Tony the Albury Estate Manager with some handy building materials and Bobby the landscaper with a trailer load of instant turf and edging plants then miraculously appeared one afternoon from the Clubhouse and the dream became reality!

The team narrowly missed out on being nominated for an Academy Award this year but they all still believe that “If you build it they will come”

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