“Why on earth are you going there?”

When Lorraine McGowan told her many Melbourne friends one day that she had decided to move up to Kensington Gardens Albury Estate she was met with a stunned silence and then the question “Why?”

Lorraine explained that as a single person she wanted somewhere to belong, relax and feel secure. Once her friends got over the initial shock of the move and reluctantly came up to visit they all said, “Now we can see why!”

Lorraine has always enjoyed painting but never really found the time or opportunity to paint in her busy Melbourne life. She now paints regularly with her new friends in the well-stocked art and craft facility in the residents private Clubhouse.

After 6 years of living in her beautiful architect designed house at Kensington Gardens Lifestyle Estate, Lorraine explained she still feels wonderful about her move north.

“It’s a really extraordinary lifestyle up here and absolutely the best move I’ve ever made in my life!”

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